Which planets are responsible for a Good job?

The four planets of Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn are important celestial bodies in the Solar System. They have been studied for centuries by astronomers and astrologers alike. These planet careers have a significant influence on our lives, especially when it comes to career success.

Planets that can Influence Career

The positions of these planets in the sky can tell us a lot about our future prospects and opportunities. By understanding their positions and how they interact with each other, we can gain insight into our potential career paths and the best strategies to achieve success in this sector. Additionally, we can use this knowledge to make better decisions about our career choices and maximize our chances of success.

Planet Careers

Saturn is known as the Jeevana Karaka or Karma Karaka in astrology, and it can be the single most influential planet when it comes to our careers. The position of Saturn in a person’s horoscope can determine their career path, as well as the success they will have in that field. It is believed that when Saturn is favorably placed, it can bring great rewards and success. Conversely, an unfavorable placement of Saturn can lead to delays and setbacks in one’s career. Therefore, understanding the role of Saturn in a person’s horoscope can be very beneficial for those looking to make progress in their professional life.

The 10th house of the horoscope is a major indicator of your career, job, and other professional aspects. It can provide valuable insight into your future prospects and help you make informed decisions about your career. This house also represents the public image you create for yourself in the world and how people perceive you. As such, it is one of the most important dominions in any horoscope. It provides an understanding of what kind of career path will be most beneficial to you and how to best utilize your talents to achieve success in life.

If the native does not pass through the mahadasha of a planet well associated with the 6th, 10th, 11th houses, then although a person may have a strong 6th house, he will never be successful in that period of time.

Only when the Dasha of the planet who is a good and strong guide to the above houses comes, only then will the native find a good job and his career will go up. Otherwise, the person will always be walking around in their career.

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