Psychic in California

Astrologer & Psychic in California, USA

 Rajamatha, an Indian astrologer & psychic in California. Who offers a wide range of services: psychic readings, spiritual healing, astrology. Consultations with a focus on Indian culture and mythology, Pujas, and prayers.

Pujas and prayers

For my clients seeking deeper spiritual healing, I offer a range of unique Hindu Pujas tailored for various events that may be causing distress or concern within you or your family.

As a spiritual healer,  understand the importance of addressing not just the physical. But also the emotional and spiritual aspects of well-being. Hindu Pujas provide a powerful way to connect with higher energies and seek blessings for specific challenges or obstacles you may be facing.

If you’re looking for personalized guidance in your life journey,  We offer one-on-one sessions in a comfortable environment. Where we can have an open discussion and find solutions together.

Astrologer in California, USA

Psychic Rajamatha is an Indian astrologer in California. Who does psychic and spiritual consultations for all interested clients. She also does consultations for love, healing, palmistry, face reading, photo reading, and numerology.

Quality of Psychic Rajamatha

For over 20 years she has been using her own astrological software to provide a personalized consultation to each client. Her software generates astrological reports based on your personal h