Mental Health diasorder as per astrology

Mental health astrology is an ancient practice. Which tries to connect our psychological wellbeing with the position of celestial bodies in our horoscopes. According to this practice, a person has a tendency of acquiring mental disorders if the Moon is situated with Rahu in the same house of his or her horoscope. This connection between mental health and astrology has been studied for centuries. And it is believe that it can help us understand ourselves better and make better decisions about our lives.

Mental health astrology helps us gain insight into how we think, feel. And behave by looking at the planets in relation to each other. By understanding this connection between mental health and astrology. We can gain greater control over our own lives and be more aware of how our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are influence by cosmic forces.

When the Moon and Saturn come together in a conjunction, it can be an indication of mental illness. This is because the combination of Saturn’s fear and limitation with the Moon’s peace of mind creates a heavy burden on a person’s mind. Such a situation can lead to feelings of isolation and aloofness. Which can in turn lead to depression or other forms of mental illness. It is important to recognize this combination as it can be an indicator of underlying mental health issues that need to be addresse.

If we take a closer look at astrology. We suggest that conjunctions of good and bad planets can lead to mental stress. It also reveals that the negative influences of the planets may hinder your thought process. And you may lose your communication skills as well.

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