Delay in Marriage Solutions

Marriage is an important milestone in one’s life . And it believed that the time and person for marriage are predetermined. According to astrological beliefs, the planets, their positions, and cosmic energy at birth determine all aspects of our lives including marriage. Therefore, it believed that when the planetary positions are not favourable for marriage then it can lead to delay in marriage. This article will discuss how astrological predictions can used to understand. Why a person might experience a delay in getting married. It will also explore various remedies that can used to overcome this issue.

Resons for Delay in Marriage

An individual’s marriage may delayed when the ruler of the seventh marriage (Jupiter) is retrograde and Mars is in the eighth house, which is the house of delays. Mars is the signifier of the eighth house.

There may be a Manglik Dosh if the seventh lord (Jupiter) is weak and placed in the sixth or eighth house in the natal chart. While the eighth house is the house of delays, the sixth house is the house of obstacles.

The inclusion of the seventh lord (Jupiter) and Saturn makes them exhausted. This is another reason to delay marriage.

Astrological Remedies

  1. Use more Haldi in your diet
  2. .Feed Green Things to Cows
  3. Chant Gouri Shankar Mantra
  4. Chant Vedic mantra related to Jupiter to get rid of the problems of delay marriage
  5. Worship Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati together to strenthen your seventh house
  6. Saturn could be the reason for your delayed marriage
  7. If a girl’s marriage is getting delayed due to Rahu dosh in Kundli, make sure you worship Goddess Durga more often.
  8. Fast for 16 Mondays to overcome delay in girls’s marriage

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